Locally Grown&

Walking out of your front door bending down then plucking a small tasty treat such as chocolate mint leaf. Sounds dreamy doesn’t it? This past summer my boyfriend and myself became obsessed ending with a yard filled with herds and vegetables. He grew five different types of basil. I can highly recommend purple basil, its delicious and smells wonderful. We grew several different mint plants as well. Chocolate mint mixed with strawberry mint makes a glorious tea blend. Rosemary by the dozens. Growing herbs can be simple as long as you keep them trimmed and never leave them thirsty. Trimming your herbs promotes growth! Making a scented garden next to the hammock in the yard is the perfect escape after a long day of work. Believe me, it could change your life. But the best part of all you can keep them all year around! Giving a final large trimming before the colder months will be necessary. To store herbs you can simply hang them in bundles in the dry area of your house. Allow them to hang until fully dried and become brittle. Place in a labeled mason jar for storage. Enjoy them as extra pazaz to your next dinner, make your own perfume or essential oils, even medical uses! 

Eclipse, resin, with a dash of hope. 

Tommorow I embark on a new art journey.  With Bob Ross as my spirit guide I wish to achieve excellence. Eclipse Company Store pendants hit the shelves tomorrow evening! Necklace pendants containing herbs from my garden or wildflowers growing locally!  

Wish me luck!